Intrusion and access control systems

Nobody can enter Your premises unnoticed as intrusion alarm will notice any restricted entrance. There are numerous detectors that can be connected to intrusion alarm system to identify motion, door opening, glass break, vibration, water etc.

Intrusion alarm system will register and generate alarm about unauthorised activities.

Access control systems’ purpose is to manage access of people in a building or area and keep electronic records about access activities. Managers can at any time trace location and movement of any member of personnel.

Pristis supplies access control solutions in different size and integration level, depending on specific customer requirements – just limiting access to certain areas or control and manage access priviledges of personnel.

By assigning access rights to people, identified by security code, electronic key, access card or biometric data, they can be admitted to authorised areas during defined time frame.

Access control systems can be integrated with intrusion alarms and number of controlled entrances is virtually unlimited.

Time attenance solutions are available, stand-alone or integrated with access control systems.