Carsus iP POS monitoring system

Pristis digital POS monitoring system Carsus iP is digital recording system that simultaneously records video image and receipt information from POS and integrates the data into unified database.


Leading Estonian retailers have been using Carsus systems for many years. Besides supermarkets the system fits perfectly also to bars, night clubs, cafes, restaurants, petrol stations and entertainment establishments.

Based on Global Loss Prevention Survey in 2009, 54% of employee theft is performed at point of sales (POS).

Most common frauds at POS are:

  • By-scan
  • Cancellation of receipt
  • Opening cash box of POS with zero-receipt and theft of cash from POS
  • Sweat-hearting: selling high-ticket item but scanning low priced product instead
  • „Imitated“ merchandize refunds without merchandize actually being returned

The system has user-friendly report generator on which each user can customize his/her own reports tyo search and analyze suspicios activities. After set up, Your data and analysis are available to You by oine push of a button.

The system also includes graphical module of analysis that enables visually present monitored activities and compare the data to statistical average. By pinpointing deviations from standard peformance, it is very easy to identify sources of internal shrinkage with very efficiently, using only limited amount of time to analyse POS exeptions.

User can search archive strings by using both pre-defined alarming events and previously un-defined events and database entrances: specific sales associate, transaction, receipt number, text in receipt etc.  Once the searched event is found, immediate replay of video and synchronized receipt is displayed on the same screen.

User can then export parts of database recordings to external media or other locations in PC, to be used as evidence of occured theft or fraud at POS.

The system easily enables creation of  study cases, where all evidence about a perpetrator can be collected, systemized and transferred to external media as evidence of occured theft or fraud at POS, to be handed over to law enforcement officers.

The system also enables printing of reports, graphic displays and sales situations in POS where on one image there are both video and receipt data.

Carsus iP enables operation via Internet – the security manager can monitor everything from one PC on his/her workplace. Transmission of data in both recording and reviewing is crypted.

The recordings and receipt data are crypted and securely stored on Carsus iP server with authorized access only. If data are leaked or stolen, they are unusable for third persons, regardless if how they were unlawfully obtained via Internet or stolen.

POS monitoring system can equally efficiently be implemented on 1 or larger number of POS.