Data and cable networks

When creating modern data networks an open solution with Cat5, Cat5e, Cat 6 Cat 6 A cable is recommended. Main connections can be realized by using fiber optics.


On typical workplace there will be 2XRJ45 connections which allows 1 PC and 1 phone connection, 2 PC connections or 2 telephone connections.

Cables from each workplace shall be concentrated to rack on 24XRJ45 port panels.

Network active components (switches & hubs) shall also be placed in the rack. PC connection to workplace is created by connecting switch ports with workplace cable port with the help of patch cables. The VoIP phone are connected similarly.

For phone connection necessary number of phone lines are patched to panels. Like with PC, connection to workplace is created by connecting phone line ports with workplace cable port with the help of patch cable.

Useful information:

  • All rack/cabinet equipment are standard 19“ width
  • If active equipment is installed into cabinet, ventilation panels are required. It is also recommended to use air conditioner in the rack room
  • If the rack is located in isolated room, its is recommended to install 19“ equipment rack. This enables easier maintenance and more efficient cooling of active equipment.
  • When installing system solution, all system components (cables, sockets, panels) must be of the same manufacture. Installer must be certified by manufacturer. Standard warranty period for system solution is 15-20 years.
  • To ensure installation of visually same electric socket & switch covers, it is recommended to specify electric cover series (color, manufacturer) during internal design process.
  • To assure space for perspective expansion of the network, it is recommended to design cable trays with reserve space for future applications.

When building a TV distribution network, applicable standards are followed to ensure sufficient strenght of signal and requested selection of TV channels in each socket. The building shall be equipped with independent aerial antennas to receive free local TV channels and opt to sign up for commercial aerial TV packages. Additionally SAT TV receipt readiness can be built.

In apartment buildings there is possible to distribute certain satellite channels via TV distribution network, by connecting satellite receivers to the network. One must, however, take into account operators’ agreement terms and monthly fees related to receipt of SAT channels.

If there are plans to connect to cable TV operator, it is recommended to approve the network design with operator. Internet TV services are distributed via data networks.