Electronic article surveillance and secure display systems

Electronical Article Surveillance (EAS) protects merchandise from theft and allows store personnel to focus on sales of merchandise and customer service.
EAS systems consist of antennas at store exits and security detectors attached to merchandise that will result in alarm when placed between antennas, attached or not deactivated.
EAS enables protecting wide range of merchandise. The selection of equipment is specific based on the products’ range sold in the shop. Most common security elements are tags attached with a needle on clothing, single-use labels applied to merchandise and safety boxes for high value items like Gillette, CD, DVD, Blueray, PC games and others, as well as the sound alarm devices.
Pristis offers all three EAS technologies in the market:
  • AM (Acusto Magnetic)
  • RF (Radio Frequency)
  • EM (Electro Magnetic)
AM is our first recommendation, delivers best performance when used in hypermarkets, boutiques, hardware (DIY) stores, drug stores, cosmetics etc. 
EM systems are used in special cases in libraries, drug stores.
RF systems are used in special cases when customers have existing RF technology, cost-effective solutions for smaller stores.
Advantages of AM technology are:
  • Latest technology
  • Wide exits
  • High detection rate
  • Detection inside shop trolley
  • High variety of security elements
  • Leader of source tagging