Nurse call, intercom and cell call systems

Safety and care are the most important requirements of every modern nursing home or hospital.


A nurse call button is found at hospital bed that allows patients to alert nurse or doctor remotely of their need for help. When the button is pressed, a signal alerts staff at the nurse's station and a nurse responds to the call. Systems generate signal at nurse station, requiring nurse to actually visit the patient's room to determine the patient's needs. The nurse is alerted by a light and/or sound at the station. In basic systems the call can only be turned off from the patient's bedside.

More advanced systems allow communication with patients via intercom. The advantage is speed of determining the reason of call and deciding whether the situation needs urgent response.

Nurse Call systems can be integrated with communication systems and other communication platforms. Nurse Call integration enables to send its many alerts to mobile and other communication devices with varying messaging capabilities. A text message is transmitted, showing the location, time and type of alarm generated. More sophisticated devices allow the staff members to acknowledge, decline, escalate or forward the messages.

Intercom system or door phone is used within building(s) and transmit audio and video signals. Intercoms may have connections to public address loudspeakers, telephones and other systems. Intercom systems incorporate control of lights and door locks. Digital intercom stations can use data networks to interface with recipients, also in other locations.

Intercom systems are mostly used in offices, industrial territories and apartment buildings with lower security requirements. The focus is on identifying and granting access of authorised visitors to publicly closed areas. Different scalable solutions is available from private house access solutions to large buildings’ matrix solutions, allowing multiple connections and operation of door locks.

Cell call systems are designed for use in prison environment. The cell units are rugged design of stainless steel with vandal-resistant buttons and cover. The system logges events for record, installation is tamper-proof to avoid misuse.