Pneumatic transportation systems

Pneumatic transport systems enable safe, fast and reliable on-demand transport of lab samples and pharmaceuticals, cash, documents, small parts etc.  for healthcare, retail, industry and banking sectors.

Main benefits of implementing pneumatic transport systems are:

  • Safety in transport and distribution of sensitive materials and valuables
  • Lower costs and higher labor productivity with advanced automation

Hospitals are highly complex systems with a large number of critical tasks, to ensure proper healthcare. At hospitals pneumatic transport system combines speed with reliability, transporting blood & tissue samples, medicines, prescriptions, laboratory testing results and much more. The systems are convenient and sometimes even life-saving: whether in the OR, in the blood bank or at the nurse’s station – application-specific, innovative solutions in every area.

In retail industry handling large sums of cash in check-outs and during manual transport creates high potential risk for personnel and customers, as cash is primary target of thefts and robberies. The pneumatic tube system transports excess cash from check-outs to secured areas or the vault. Reversely, check-outs can be supplied with change. Cash is transported quickly, safely and reliably to secured areas, protecting cash, personnel and customers at the same time.

Industrial facilities have numerous departments and diverse work areas. Companies face ever-growing requirements for lowering production costs parallel to complying with quality standards. Industrial pneumatic tube systems transport small parts, powder, granulated materials, tools as well as cold or hot steel samples. The systems can cover the largest commercial and manufacturing facilities.

Banks are expected to provide its customers first-class high security customer service at optimal costs. Pneumatic tube systems for banks connect bank’s service area with back office or vault, located apart in secured areas. Implementing pneumatic transport systems, money and documents can be handled in safely and fast.