Maintenance of building technologies

Many companies buy buildings’ technologies maintenance services from 5-8 different companies. One provides electrical exploitation, second maintains heating systems, third ventilation system, the fourth fire detection etc.

Advantages of complex maintenance agreement:

  • Communicating with one service provider helps saving customers’ time and enables focus on their core business
  • Complete overview, execution and responsibility of buildings’ technologies maintenace with one reliable partner

Pristis provides maintenance of the following buildings’ technologies:

  • Intrusion alarm, access control, CCTV and POS monitoring systems
  • Fire detection and gas extinguishing systems
  • Fire safety systems, incl. sprinklerss, fire hydrant and hoses, extinguishers and primary firefighting devices
  • Electronic article surveillance (EAS), people counting and pneumatic transportation systems
  • Public address, interpretation and conference systems
  • Electrical systems – electrical exploitation arrangement and execution, incl. exploitation of substations, evacuation and emergency lighting
  • Heating systems, incl. the supervision of gas routes
  • Ventilation systems, incl. cleaning
  • Cooling systems
  • Smoke hatches

Why choose Pristis maintenance?

  • Competent engineers with extended experience, necessary licenses for company
  • Efficient organization of work – regular maintenance tasks for all systems is performed by one technician
  • Pristis maintenance & customer service operate 24h / 7 days a week

Assignements and work of maintenance engineers are co-ordinated and controlled via unified customer service software application