Maintenance, measuring and technical inspection of electrical installations

In Estonia electrical installations’ building, maintenance and technical inspection are guided by the Electrical Safety Act. It is the duty of owner to ensure proper use and control of electrical installations. These operations can be performed by certified companies and persons only. Technical Surveillance Authority enforces fulfilment of the Electrical Safety Act.

Electrical maintenance

The owner of electrical installation must name responsible person for electrical maintenance for sites with main fuse 100A and to all high voltage installations. The responsible person can also be a compnay with appropriate certification and responsible engineer. Pristis is certified as electrical maintenance enterpreneur.

Measuring and technical inspection of electrical installations

Pristis testing laboratory of electrical installation operates in compliance with EVS-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2006 standards and is certified by EAK as test laboratory no. E226. Compliance certificate issued by Pristis is sufficient to use and connect the installation to grid.

Pristis testing laboratory performs electrotechnical measuring of insulation resistance, relay system and residual-current devices, earthing resistance, light density & luminance. All measurings are accompanied by protocols and report.

An electrical installation built under Electrical Safety Act is allowed to be operated only after passing tehnical inspection and issuance of conformity certificate. After commissioning electrical installations must be regularly inspected.

Electrical installations of type 1 are of higher danger factor (explosion and disaster-threat or medical installations), technical inspection every 3 years;

Electrical installations of type 2 are for example common spaces of apartment buildings, up to 1000V AC or 1500V DC, technical inspection every 5 years;

Electrical installations of type 3 are all others with main fuse under 35A and are not of type 1 or 2, technical inspection every 10 years;